How do I navigate the website?

              Watch the video tutorial.

1. Select the course by title

2. Once inside the course, go to the last tab under the speaker’s photo, REGISTER/TAKE COURSE.


Click on Start Course and Complete the Pretest if it is required. Not every course will require a Pretest.

Next you will see a box to enter the codeword. 

Live events broadcast online do not have a sign in sheet for us to know which attendees to mark attended. You do not need to Codeword to watch the broadcast. The link to watch is located in the Register/Take Course tab of the course page.

The codeword will be announced during the live broadcast and typed into the chat through the entire event.  

There are three ways to enter the codeword: Code Link, Through the Course, and Text.

One way to enter the code is to type it in at and enter the codeword there.

Another option is to enter the codeword directly into the course.


You may also text the codeword. Click Using SMS to text the code word to see the directions for texting instead of using the website listed above. The phone number listed is only a text line. It will NOT accept phone calls.

***Note: You must be logged into your account before entering the codeword. If you do not have an account, see How do I add my mobile number? to see how to make sure your mobile number is listed in your account.

 Once you enter the code word, you are able to click on the My Account > Pending Courses tab and you will see the course listed there. From this tab you will be able to complete your course.

All of the circles must be completely filled in in order to count as completed. A half circle indicates the activity is not completed. Each circle must be completely filled in before you will be able to download the certificate.

You will have 4 weeks from the live broadcast to finish everything to claim your credit and download your certificate. After that time, the course will expire, and you will no longer be able to go in and claim the credit. You will receive a reminder email if you haven’t completed everything with one week left to go.