Hello, welcome to the FAQ section.

Thank you for choosing Sheppard Pratt for continuing education.  Your user experience is important to us, so we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you. 

Below is a document on how to:

1. How do I set up an account in the Sheppard Pratt web evaluation system?

2. How do I LOG IN to the Sheppard Pratt web evaluation system?

3What if I forget my username or password?

4. How do I change my email address, phone number or other personal information?

5. What browsers work best for assessing the website?

6. What if I use Internet Explorer?

7.  How do I take a course?

8. Can I complete a course in one sitting?

9. When does a course expire?

10. Where are my certificates?

11. How can I print a transcript of my activities?

12. How can I add credits I received from other organizations?

Ethos Website User Guide

Still have questions or need assistance, contact the Professional Education office at 410-938-4593 or by email at cme@sheppardpratt.org.