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Faculty was knowledgeable, effective and clear in the delivery of content:
Facutly and moderator were responsive to audience input.
Learning Objective #1 was met: Distinguish trauma-informed care from healing centered engagement strategies.
Learning Objective #2 was met: Apply a salutogenic approach to current policies and procedures.
Learning Objective #3 was met: Practice how to apply a healing-centered engagement approach by analyzing a case study.
Presentation was relevant to your needs or interests.
Content met expectations.
Content was current.
Satisfactory and quality education materials.
Technology was easy to use.
Course registration process was easy to use.
Adminitstrative staff were responsive to questions or concerns.
Content presented in this session will affect future treatment decisions.
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How much did you learn as a result of this CE program?
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How useful was the content of this CE program for your practice or other professional development?