Pluto Should Be a Planet

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The course will include a fevered discussion as to why Pluto should be considered a planet and not a dwarf planet. Thus resulting in it being added back to the MVEMJSUN mnemonic. 

This activity is dedicated to advancing the field of Astronomy education through reading, research, competence and practice. This activity provides a bridge between experimental medicine and clinical practice and is meant to establish a framework for lifelong critical analysis of medical literature.

Target Audience

This activity is intended for science geeks, nerds, astrophysicians, and members of the science community.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize Pluto as a Planet
  2. Identify the definitions of a planet vs. a dwarf planet
  3. Describe how planetary systems operate
  4. Discuss the solar system as it relates to the Milky Way.
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Dr. Neil Degrasse-Tyson is a professor of astronomy, astrophysics, and natural science. His primary research interest righting the wrong of his original recommendation that Pluto be removed as an official Planet to a Dwarf-Planet.

He earned his Ph.D from the University of California- Los Angeles. He currently works with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Houston, Texas. He is a Fellow with the Astrophysics and Black Hole Foundation Study based in Atlanta, Georgia.

This activity is not accredited, but offered to residents for education purposes.

Available Credit

  • 2.00 Participation
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